Nicolas Mallet 48 ans

Married, 3 childrens

Co-Founder – Chief Executive Officer Associate chez Boarding Pass DMC ( Morocco )

Before everything I’m travel addict since over 25 years starting with long haul – my 1st trip in Montreal in 1993 – and I’ve been lucky to match my passion with my job then pack my suitcase in so many lovely places worldwide but … I have to admit that Morocco holds a special position among the others thanks to its very friendly population, so nice people I could meet here and obvioulsy its historical, cultural, gastronomic and geographic heritage … no doubt I got hooked !

I want to share with you my passion of this enchanting country highlighting news, amazing spot or beautiful meetings or stories you could enjoy like you had the chance to live here …

As travel and technology intermediation specialist with strong and loyal network worldwide, I manage industry entrepreneurs challenges since over 15 years setting-up companies from scratch in both large corporates & in-medium – sized enterprises. Professional trajectory in roles combining Business & Transformation -Innovation and strategy initiatives.